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(B) Top Trumps *DOM publishers 2015* SOVIET MASS HOUSING 1958-1980

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Title: SOVIET MASS HOUSING 1958-1980
Year: 2015
Top Trumps No.: 224435
Language: english
Manufacturer: DOM publishers
Format: (B) 9,9cm x 6,1cm
Special features: no
Recommended age: 8 years
Condition: NEW (sealed)

1A: K-7-2-4 1B: II-32-05/K5A 1C: I-515-4/MI 1D: II-18-01/09 2A: I-464-5 2B: I-467-3 2C: I-468-2 2D: KPD-4570 3A: G-2 3B: I-335-1 3C: I-507-3 3D: G-4 4A: II-49-06/M 4B: 1605AM-04/12Yu 4C: 1MG-601 D 4D: I-209A
5A: I-464A-20 5B: I-464Li-15/2 5C: 1KG-480-12U 5D: 111-60-11 6A: 1LG-600-7 6B: 1LG-606-7 6C: 1LG-502-3 6D: I-504D-7M 7A: P44-2/16 7B: P4/22 7C: P3-2/16 7D: KOPE KTZhS-1 8A: 111-121-3 8B: 111-96-3 8C: 121-141-E317 8D: 111-148-1SP

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