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(M) Top Trumps *FX Schmid 1995* JETS & HELICOPTER

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Year: 1995
Top Trumps No.: 50136.8
Language: german
Manufacturer: FX Schmid
Format: (M) 9,1cm x 5,9cm
Special features: no
Recommended age: 8 years
Condition: NEW (sealed)

Agusta A 129 Mangusta 1B: Bell 230 1C: Bell AH-1 W Supercobra 1D: McDonnell Douglas NOTAR 2A: MBB/Kawasaki BK 117 2B: Aerosoatiale SA-31 "Gazelle" 2C: Eurocopter PAH-2 Tiger 2D: AH-64 Apache 3A: EH 101 3B: Aerospat. SA 356 Dauphin II 3C: Hughes 530 MG Defender 3D: Adusta A 109 4A: Kamov Ka-32 4B: Eurocopter AS 565 Panther 4C: Aerospatiale Super Puma 4D: MBB Bo 108
5A: Dass.-Breg. Rafale 5B: Dass.-Breg. Mirage 2000 5C: MDD F 15C Eagle 5D: Saab JAS 39 Gripen 6A: MDD/BAe AV-8B Harrier II 6B: Panavia Tornado ECR 6C: Eurofighter EFA/JF-90 6D: General Dynamics F-16B 7A: Tupolew (Backfire-B) 7B: MIG-29 Fulcrum 7C: Northrop B-2 7D: F 22 8A: Grumman F-14A Tomcat 8B: MDD F/A 18A Hornet 8C: Lockh. F-117A Stealth Fighter 8D: MIG-31

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