(M) Top Trumps ** Shit TRUMPS

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Title: Shit TRUMPS
Year: unknown
Top Trumps No.: 630110
Language: english
Format: (M) 9,1cm x 5,9cm
Special features: no
Recommended age: 18 years
Condition: NEW (sealed)

A1: Average Shit A2: Ideal Shit A3: Super U A4: Nuclear Shit Explosion B1: Rabbit Droppings B2: "Shart" Shit B3: Sea Mine Poo B4: Déjà Vu Shit C1: Sizzling Froth Shit C2: Berlin Curried Sausage C3: I-just-had-to-let-one-rip-Shit C4: Breast milk Shit D1: Too Late Shit D2: Ring of Fire D3: Booze Poos D4: Water Bomb Shit
E1: Hemorrhoids Shit E2: Bullet Shit E3: Cow Pat E4: Infinite Wipes Shit F1: High Diameter Intestine Blaster F2: Lick the Balls Shit F3: Embankment Dam Shit F4: Drug Mule Shit G1: Evil Bast-turd G2: Goulash Shit G3: The Faker G4: Pensioner Shit H1: Niagra Falls Shit H2: Designer Shit H3: Butter Cream Shit H4: The Gay Seal Bobber

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