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(M) Top Trumps *Cross-Welt e.V. 2008* Autocross-Quartett DRCV 2008

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Title: Autocross-Quartett DRCV 2008
Year: 2008
Top Trumps No.: none
Language: german
Manufacturer: Cross-Welt e.V.
Format: (M) 9,1cm x 5,9cm
Special features: no
Recommended age: 8 years
Condition: NEW (sealed)

1a: F & S 1b: F & S 1c: Sadev 1d: Paul Peters 2a: F&S 2b: Assink 2c: Paul Peters 2d: VTM Evo 2 2e: Turek 3a: Büchl 3b: Spitznagel 3c: Spitznagel 3d: Spitznagel 4a: EB 4b: Paul Peters 4c: EB 4d: F&S 4e: EB 5a: Paul Peters 5b: Paul Peters 5c: F&S 6a: Audi Quattro 6b: Audi Quattro 6c: Audi Quattro 6d: Opel Astra 7a: Seat Ibiza 7b: Opel Corsa
7c: VW Käfer 7d: Käfer/Paul Peters 8a: VW Käfer 8b: VW Corrado 8c: VW Golf II 9a: Westfechtel Käfer 9b: Opel 9c: Suzuki Swift 9d: Golf II 10a: Toyota MR2 10b: Opel Astra 10c: Honda Civic 10d: Opel Kadett 10e: Alfa Romeo 146 10f: VW Corrado 11a: Suzuki Swift 11b: Citroen AX 11c: Suzuki Swift 11d: Suzuki Swift 12a: Suzuki Swift 12b: Suzuki Swift 12c: Seat Ibiza 12d: Suzuki Swift 13a: Subaru 13b: Honda Civic 13c: Opel Kadett : Sponsorkarte

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