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(B) Top Trumps *Regionalia 2015* Piraten

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Title: Piraten
Year: 2015
Top Trumps No.: 402020
Language: german
Manufacturer: Regionalia
Format: (B) 11,5cm x 8,0cm
Special features: no
Recommended age: 8 years
Condition: NEW (sealed)

A1: Cheung I Sao A2: Mary Read A3: Grace O´Malley A4: Anne Bonny B1: Klaus Störtebeker B2: Gottfried Michaelsen B3: Hennig Wichmann B4: Bertram Wibold C1: Oliver Levasseur C2: Francois Le Clerc C3: Michel de Grammont C4: René Duguay-Trouin D1: Edward Lorv D2: Edward Thatch D3: Jean Lafitte D4: Luke Ryan
E1: Henry Every E2: John Bowen E3: Thomas Terv E4: William Kidd F1: Daniel Montbars F2: Francois l´Olonnais F3: Henry Morgan F4: William Dampier G1: Benjamin Hornigold G2: Francis Drake G3: Stephen Decatur G4: Walter Raleigh H1: Zheng Zhilong H2: Zheng Chenggong H3: Zheng Qi H4: Chui A-poo

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