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(B) Top Trumps *ASS 1981* RAKETEN AUF RÄDERN

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Year: 1981
Top Trumps No.: 3237/9
Language: german
Manufacturer: ASS ALtenburger
Format: (B) 9,9cm x 6,1cm
Special features: no
Recommended age: 8 years
Condition: NEW (sealed)

A1: Evil Knievel A2: Johnny Conway A3: Tommy Ivo A4: Roger Gustin B1: Doug Rose B2: Les Schockley B3: Jo Westlake B4: Doug Brown C1: Emergency 1 C2: Fire Fly C3: Sammy Miller C4: Fred Goeske D1: Rocket-Burst D2: Brad Proffit D3: Pollution Packer D4: Amalie-1
E1: Blue Flame E2: Budweiser E3: Proud Amerika E4: Green Monster F1: Spirit of Amerika F2: Thunderbird F3: Belly Bottom F4: Mini-Jet G1: Art Arfons G2: Mighty-Mouse G3: Roaring-Truck G4: Waltzing Matilda H1: Dragger H2: Conklin H3: Rocket-Harley H4: Stage Freight

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11 - 11 of 15 results