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(B) Top Trumps *4TRÜMPFE 2006* PIRATEN

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Year: 2006
Top Trumps No.: 570038
Language: german
Manufacturer: 4trümpfe
Format: (B) 9,9cm x 6,1cm
Special features: no
Recommended age: 8 years
Condition: NEW (sealed)

A1: Sir Henry Morgan A2: `Clico Jack´ John Rackham A3: Charles Vane A4: `Black Sam´ Bellamy B1: `Blackbeard´ Edward Teach B2: Anne Bonny B3: Long John Silver B4: John Gow C1: Klaus Stoertebeker C2: Christopher Myngs C3: Thomas Anstis C4: John Evans D1: William Kidd D2: Thomas Tew D3: Stede Bonnet D4: Michel de Grammont
E1: Bartholomew Roberts E2: Mary Read E3: Georg Lowther E4: Christopher Condent F1: `Long Ben´ Henry Every F2: Francois L´Olonois F3: Bartholomeus de Portugees F4: John Martel G1: Edward England G2: Edward Low G3: Howell Davis G4: Lorenz de Graff H1: Don Pedro Gibert H2: Benito de Soto H3: Roche Brasiliano H4: Nikolaus van Horn

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