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(M) Top Trumps *Ravensburger 2009* AUTO MONSTER

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Year: 2009
Top Trumps No.: 204076
Language: german
Manufacturer: Ravensburger
Format: (M) 9,1cm x 5,9cm
Special features: no
Recommended age: 8 years
Condition: NEW (sealed)

1A: "Dodge Charger 007" 1B: "Caterpillar" 1C: "Dodge Stratus" 1D: "Top Fuel" 2A: "KTM X-Bow" 2B: "IRF Aspid" 2C: "Caparo T1" 2D: "Lotus 2-Eleven" 3A: "Killer II" 3B: "Bad Badger" 3C: "The Killer" 3D: "Fantasy" 4A: "Wrangler" 4B: "Kryptonite" 4C: "Insanity" 4D: "Defender"

5A: "Freeze-Mobil" 5B: "Mach 5" 5C: "Autobot Ratchet" 5D: "Batmobil" 6A: "Smart forfun2" 6B: "GMC Denali XT" 6C: "Get Real" 6D: "Ford Ex" 7A: "Hummer HX" 7B: "Fiat Oltre" 7C: "Jeep Hurricane" 7D: "IceCool 6x6" 8A: "Samson" 8B: "Grave Digger" 8C: "Jurassic Attack" 8D: "Kaptain Insano"

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