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(M) Top Trumps *HOT WHEELS 2007* Die ultrastärksten FLITZER

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Title: Die ultrastärksten FLITZER
Year: 2007
Top Trumps No.: 504415
Language: german
Manufacturer: HOT WHEELS 2007
Format: (M) 9,1cm x 5,9cm
Special features: no
Recommended age: 8 years
Condition: NEW (sealed)

A1: Hammered Coupe A2: Overbored 454 A3: Rocket Box A4: Jester B1: Rapid Transit B2: No Matter What B3: Audacious B4: Track Tuned C1: Green Hornet C2: B Engineering Edonis C3: Cul8tr water-cooled C4: Boom Box D1: Double Vision D2: Mercy Breaker D3: MST-Suzuka D4: Way 2 Fast
E1: Arachno Rod E2: Long Dynamik E3: Quadra Sound E4: Dairy Delivery F1: Incite Rose F2: Wonder Power F3: Ground FX F4: Hi-Octan G1: Altered State G2: Wild Thing G3: Sinistra G4: Flight 03 H1: Itso Skeenie H2: Nerve Hammer H3: Semi Psycho H4: Dieselboy

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