(B) Top Trumps *CRAP TRUMPS* Crap Cars Series 2

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Title: Crap Cars Series 2
Year: unknown
Top Trumps No.: 680105
Language: english
Manufacturer: CRAP TRUMPS
Format: (B) 9,9cm x 6,1cm
Special features: no
Recommended age: 8 years
Condition: NEW (sealed)

A: Saab PiqueNique 2: U-FAT 3: Cruisiiiiiiin.... Yeah Baby 4: SEAT Arouser 5: Triumph Dolomite 6: Austin Allegro 7: Japanese Hearse 8: Vauxhall Chevette 9: Suzuki Carry Camper 10: Renault 5 Turbo J: Neddy Kingcab HDC Q: Ford Cortina Estate K: MK1 Batmobile A: Thor´s Tantrum 2: Traffic Officers 3: VW Camper 4: Dacia Sport 5: WingWrong 6: BMW 600 PushMePullU 7: Ford F15 Eagle 8: Triumph TR7 9: The Bond Bug 10: Black&Decker Pecker Wrecker J: Little Ernie Q: The Grenade K: DynoPlod A: OMFG Badger N°2 2: Segway MK1
3: Talbot Samba Cabrio 4: Damien Hurst´s Company Car 5: Schoolboy Error 6: Assault vehicle for those Cybermen things off Dr Who 7: SEAT Marbella 8: Morris Marina Skidmark 9: White "Vain" Man 10: LlamaCar J: Comedy "Smart" Police Q: Bigfoot´s Funeral K: Austin Maxi A: Buick Mardi Gras 2: Jeep Cherokee Crapper 3: The Stonker 4: FSO Polonez 5: The Bummer 6: Deal Of The Month 7: Italian Invasion Force 8: Spit Roasted 4x4 9: Chitty Chitty Gone Wrong 10: MG Midget J: Lada Riva 7 Seater Q: Lamborghini CounTrash K: BMW Philistine J1: Driving in Naples J2: Heathrow Express J3: Boy Racer

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