(B) Top Trumps *NSV 2012* Schiffe

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Title: Schiffe
Year: 2012
Top Trumps No.: 562099
Language: german
Manufacturer: Nürnberger
Format: (B) 9,9cm x 6,2cm
Special features: no
Recommended age: 8 years
Condition: NEW (sealed)

1A: Allure of the Seas 1B: Queen Mary 2 1C: MSC Orchestra 1D: AIDAdiva 2A: Berlin Express 2B: Chesapeake Bay 2C: Cape Mollini 2D: Maersk Edinburgh 3A: Spaarneborg 3B: Scan Arctic 3C: Courageous Ace 3D: Akdeniz 4A: SeaFrance Berlioz 4B: Nils Holgersson 4C: Superstar 4D: Color Fantasy
5A: Silvia Ana 5B: Gotland 5C: Spirit of Ontario I 5D: The Cat 6A: Otso 6B: Hermann Marwede 6C: Oceanic Vega 6D: Komet 7A: Osterscheide 7B: MIR 7C: Rainbow Warrior III 7D: Christian Radich 8A: Independence 8B: Winston Churchill 8C: Armidale 8D: Islandlwana

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